yamaha call of the blue.

Here’s igniting the blue fire within you with the all new Call Of The Blue Video. Watch, Listen, Share and Dance along to the tunes of your new Call Of The Blue anthem! It sure has got a ring to it.

“The Yamaha India commercial returned to Athens with the production service company ‘Kalibu’, showcasing stunning locations such as the Acropolis, streets in Athens, coastal areas, ancient monuments, vineyards, and motorbike tracks.

The selection of these beautiful locations adds an impressive and captivating aesthetic to the Yamaha India commercial, highlighting the capabilities and value of the company’s products in this specific environment.

The fact that the production company ‘Kalibu‘ was chosen to bring the commercial to life suggests that Yamaha India had confidence in the company’s abilities and services to deliver a professional and striking result.The collaboration between international companies and local production companies like ‘Kalibu‘ is fascinating, as it offers the opportunity to leverage Greece’s unique landscapes and cultural heritage in the cinematic world.”

Release Date:
production company

Ixor VFX

production service company:

production manager/line producer:

Polymnia Papadopoulou-Sardeli


Diego Indraccolo Alice Gatti


polymnia papadopoulou-sardeli