Filmmaker Producer: Polymnia Papadopoulou-Sardeli, born in 1991 and raised in the picturesque village of Kranidi, in the Peloponnese region of Greece, is a talented and passionate filmmaker and producer. Her journey in the world of cinema began with her studies in film at Iek Akmi 2010 and continued in New York College of Athens, where she honed her skills and nurtured her creative vision.

Throughout her academic years, Polymnia showcased her talent as a first assistant director in numerous short films, such us Prosefhi by Thanasis Neofotistos  (awarded In the 37 DISFF – Best National short film – Golden Dionysus) and Nipenthes by Jon Simvonis (award in the 39 DISFF – Best Photography & Art desing award).

In 2016, Polymnia directed her own short film, “Vithisma,” which garnered critical acclaim, including awards “Motivation” award from the Greek Film Center in the 39 DISFF and Best Short Film the Seanema Film Festival in Kefallonia.

Beyond her directorial projects, Polymnia founded the film production company Kalibu, where she brings her expertise to produce. Under Kalibu’s banner, she has been involved in numerous production service projects, including “Euro 2004” for Bet365, “Windy City Rehab” for HGTV, “Hunter Gatherer” for Croatian TV, and “Call of the Blue” for Yamaha.

Mean while she never stops supporting short films, working as production manager in films like Dakar by Stelios Moraitidis, Magma by Lia Tsalta (45th DIFF– Best Cinematography Award, Best Original Music Score Award,28th Athens International Short Film Festival (“Silver Athena” Award), Honeymoon by Alkis Papastathopoulos , Nothing holier than a dolphin by Isavella Margara,5 p.m. seaside by Valentin Stejcal awarded In the 45 DISFF – Best National short film – Golden Dionysus and 28th Athens International Short Film Festival  “Golden Athena” Award.

Her experience as a line producer and production manager showcases her ability to handle diverse and challenging productions, further solidifying her position as a valuable and versatile member of the film industry.

Alongside her work in production, Polymnia has delved into her creative side, exploring experimental documentary,video art and gifs .Broken VHS tapes, old CRT tv’s, video mixers are her basic equipment. Under the pseudonym “Lucid Lunacy” she is creating TV sculptures, video installations and performances.

As she continues to make her mark in the film industry, her unique perspective and creative vision promise to captivate audiences and inspire fellow filmmakers worldwide.


Based in: Athens, Greece




polymnia papadopoulou-sardeli